Today we did a lot of hiking.
It started with a trip to the Capilano suspension bridge. It is an expensive park, $40 per person. It is beautiful, but the bridge itself isn’t that exciting. At the time of day we went, it was crowded, and certain kinds of people will get cranky if you take too long taking a picture. There are park attractions on either side, but the far side is better. Bonus: there are less people on the far side due to the bridge bottleneck.
They have something called a “Treetop Adventure”, but they really should have bitten the bullet and called it the “Ewok village”.
I liked seeing the owl up close, and the remains of the tree that tried to take out the bridge.
Afterwards, we continued up the road to Grouse Mountain. They have a great trail called the “Grouse Grind”. It is about 2.4km, and goes up 850 meters. You have to be strong to handle it. I was with someone, so I had to go their pace, so I spent most of the time being cheerful and encouraging to other people who may have been cranky. It was nice to be on a busy trail because I could pass people.
I don’t like being passed on a trail, and it is usually because of the slow people I’m with. (Do I sound bitter?)
Interestingly, someone died on the trail yesterday. Heart attack. I know I should feel sorry for him, but it does make me feel more accomplished.
We didn’t do much at the top because some of us were tired, so we took the gondola down.
I wish we had remembered to check out the Capilano dam. I don’t know if it an attraction, but it would have been nice to see.
2016-7-22 1:18

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