It has been a bad month for running.
My physiotherapist gave me the go-ahead to start running again. It was short distances with lots of walk breaks, but it was still running. My back was a little off, but it was improving while I was running.
Then, right before the long weekend, I got hit by the flu. So my holiday time was spent lying in bed. For the first time in about a year and a half I did no exercise. With previous injuries I would still exercise, mostly on a stationary bicycle. This was clearly the worst illness I’ve had since I started doing daily runs.
I also discovered that if I take a Tylenol PM before going to sleep, I will sweat enough to be in a puddle halfway through the night.
On Saturday I started running again. I’ve been improving my 10% since then. However, I have other muscles that are causing me issues now. My core muscles that extend into my legs get very painful if I cough. Did I mention that my illness has been lingering for awhile?
I would like running to stop hurting.