Together, Catalina and myself read the first chapter of the bible, Genesis. It does not paint the religion in a good light. The later chapters might redeem it, but I have not read them yet. As such, my initial impression is that it is a soap opera of terrible people. These are not people I want to admire. And the writing could be better; the plot is stopped every so often to let the reader know who begat whom.
In this environment, life is cheap and it is a buyer’s market. The solution to problems seem to be to kill everyone. And if you don’t feel like doing that, slavery is completely condoned.
The key to being successful is to be favoured by god. Abram somehow lucked out and his family is blessed and can do no wrong. I have no idea what they did to deserve it. They are allowed to be a jerk to each and everyone. No consequences. Take slaves. Kill people who annoy you. Is this why people keep thinking God has a plan for when bad things happen?
The pharaoh that they deal with doesn’t seem to be terrible. He’s looking for advice and seems to deal fairly. From what I’ve heard, the pharaoh is supposed to be the wickedest person, so I’ll assume there is another pharaoh in a later chapter.