Office Christmas Party

Yesterday was the office Christmas party. In the past it was a nice affair, but this was the first time that Catalina would be able to attend; usually she is out of town.
It was at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, where we take over multiple ballrooms. Most importantly, it is easily within walking distance of home. So we get to not worry about parking or traffic. (It was bad for others this year.)
Catalina was dressed magnificently, and she got many compliments for her mirror dress. It also made her very easy to find anywhere in the room.
We got two drink tickets, but that was only for the basics. The price for a tequila was discovered to be $14, which was more than we were willing to spend. And it probably wouldn’t even have been good tequila.
The food this year was very disappointing. Last year, my table was one of the last ones allowed to go to the buffet, so I was getting hangry by the time we were released. This year we were about halfway through. But they were already closing down one of the buffet lines when we got there.
The food selection was not great; the first half of the food consisted of salads of various ethnicities. The hot food, was mashed potatoes, pasta, and some exotic vegetables; most of it was picked over. And the only meat they had was turkey, which ran out by the time we got there. We were told there would be a ten minute wait for more.
This seems like very poor planning on the part of the hotel. Overall, I was disappointed with the meal.
But the dining company was nice. It was nice to introduce my wife to all of my coworkers that she had only ever heard about. She was familiar with a few already, but now she got to get to know many more.
Afterwards we had a nice walk home, with Catalina cozy in her big coat. A huge Christmas tree had been installed outside of the art gallery that was lighting up the night.