Eat, Sleep, Run, and Work

This month I’ve run more than any other month before. 576.8km. I think my previous maximum was 488km. So a significant increase. This is because of the virtual run across Tennessee. I’ve increased from my usual minimum of 12km a day, to a minimum of 16km. I’m currently sitting at 50% of the way across the state, so that is good. I have until the end of August to do the whole thing, but I’m planning to run back too, so I can’t let up.
The route is interesting in that it took me several days to even get into Tennessee. The south west corner of the state is covered by the Mississippi river, so you have to “run” across Arkansas to find the bridge to Memphis. I ended last night in the state of Georgia. You almost feel like you’ve taken a wrong turn, but in actuality you are probably avoiding mountains. Virtual mountains.
Dogs are allowed to sign up as well. It is a little depressing to see that many dogs are doing better than me. I shouldn’t be surprised, because dogs are really good runners, but I still feel I should be doing better.
Mind you, there are some really big runners who have already finished.
On Friday, I saw a post for another virtual run. This one was based off of the Camino de Santiago. I was VERY tempted to join it. I’ve been intrigued by the actual pilgrimage for awhile, and this seemed like a good gateway drug. I was thinking to log my mileage on both virtual runs at the same time; I don’t know if that was ethical. Eventually I decided to give it a pass. I already have a run to focus me, and I don’t need to spend money to get a medal and a t-shirt.
With all the new mileage, I am making very good progress on covering all of Vancouver. Today was a big day in that I am at second place in the standings on CityStrides for Vancouver. I only have eight streets left to do. Three of those streets are guarded by gates and security, two of those are very strictly guarded as they are part of the Port. The remaining five are actually in Burnaby. I guess the borders of the city aren’t that strict in the database. My best bet for the secured streets is to have a bad GPS unit on a rainy day and then wander just outside the gate, and hope an errant satellite mistakes me for being on the other side. Seems unethical, but I think that is how others have done it. I’m going to try and hit four of the Burnaby streets next weekend.