I initially planned for this section to contain stories that I have written, fiction or otherwise. But when I came to try and add things in, I hit a roadblock.

I haven't written anything beyond blog posts in fifteen years. And when I look at my early work, it is actually painful.

I used to love writing. In high school I completed writing a fantasy novel and, at the time, I was proud of it. In 1990 I actually got to be in a creative writing course, and produced a number of short stories. Now I wonder how they ever let me pass that class.

In University I continued my writing, and had several articles published in the Arts newspaper.

When Magic: The Gathering first came out, I was one of the early players. My friend, Jeff, created a fictional world and characters he used to write about the game. I introduced my own characters and wrote about ten stories. Jeff went on to some minor fame and eventually published a book.

I have no desire to publicly shame myself with my early writing. Let's be honest, we are our own worst critic. And critically, I can't stomach putting my writing up here.