Wild Weekend

It’s been a wild weekend. There was an event in town that several people we knew were coming in for. Since we knew it was happening a year in advance, we were even able to get the guest suite for some of them. Unfortunately, these guests will not be coming back here next year; the apartment building was not happy with how they left the guest suite so they’ve been banned. This reflects badly on me and I do not like that. Fortunately we can still use the guest suite for other friends.
The event culminated in going to the beach on Monday. I had taken the day off so that I could enjoy it too. Mind you, I also spent a lot of Monday sleeping because it has been a tiring weekend.
There were a lot of cool people there, and a few of them even taught us “poi”; basically waving scarves and weighted strings around in cool patterns. I think I was able to do the double twirling for a few seconds. Catalina was a natural; she kept at it for a long time. I needed to take a break and absorb what I had learned so I went swimming while she continued learning.
The night ended with a beautiful sunset before we had to go up the stairs (479 steps) back to the car. Truthfully, I enjoyed the stairs; it’s good to challenge yourself. Even if you do it carrying a cooler.