Day Trip

We took a day trip to the States today.
We’re going to Salmon Arm tomorrow to meet my family for a short holiday. So we thought we should get supplies. It is a lot easier for us to make shopping trips to the U.S. than my family. And we do need to get some other things there.
I am not a fan of Walmart, but my wife is, and that is the first place we hit. And there I had the most Walmart experience I could expect. And my expectations come from People of Walmart. I hit the washroom before leaving and the other man in there had decided that while using the urinal he didn’t need to pull up his pants. At all; he was mooning everyone coming in. It made the man who came in after me, who didn’t wash his hands, seem almost normal.
After that we went to Trader Joe’s. I like the snacks there. My wife likes the alcohol. We split up as we enter and go impulse shop our respective sections. It’s not pretty.
Yeah, I totally expect the border agent to pull us aside and charge us duties. I’m not going to pretend I’m not over the non-existent exemption for five hour trips.