Road Collision

I got hit by a car this morning.
I was doing my run, heading west on Hastings. I came to the corner of Commercial street with the light mostly green for me; it was counting down that it would change soon. I probably sped up to make it. A car appeared and tried to turn right in front of me. The driver was looking to the left, so she did not see me. A building blocked visibility, so we didn’t have warning of what was about to happen. When the car appeared I yelled caution; I had the right of way and assumed she would stop.
She did not.
It was 7:36 AM. She was in a white Lexus RX350.
So suddenly I had a moving car in my path and no time to stop. The side view mirror hit me and I got thrown to the ground. Fortunately, the mirror was a collapsable one, so it didn’t hit me too hard.
For a brief moment I thought the car would do a hit-and-run, so I yelled at it “You ran over me!” But it was just pulling around so the driver could get out and check on me.
I was a little shook up, but nothing felt broken. I had a bit of a scrape on my left eg, but that was the most obvious injury. We exchanged information. She was apologetic. But then I was too; I said sorry for yelling at her when I thought she was driving away. I’m Canadian; it comes naturally.
Afterwards I felt good enough to continue my run. It was about 4km home. It totally wrecked my pace, but I was still moving well.
My left foot felt like it has gotten squashed. As near as I can tell her tire ran over my foot. And the scrape on my leg was actually from the moving tire.
I still felt fine when I got home, so I went to work.
After half a day there, I noticed some new aches and pains. My left wrist hurt if pressed. My back felt achy. So I took off for a bit in the afternoon to go to the “City Centre Urgent & Primary Care Centre”. I was seen very quickly there, and the doctor was of the opinion that I had some bruises and strained muscles. I should be fine but watch for any changes. By this time I had forgotten about my foot; it had stopped hurting so I didn’t even mention. I wonder if my shoes are still good?
And yes, I did check, I can go running tomorrow.