Pride Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend.
Yesterday in the morning I did a run in Vibram FiveFingers. These forced me to use different muscles for running. Of course I had a good reason to go slower, because there was no padding on my feet. But now my legs ache and walking hurts.
In the evening we went out and had an early dinner at Legendary Noodle and then went to the beach. I found a good spot to sit and read. This was part of a plan, because at 7:45 there was an airshow; a pilot with a stunt plane did about fifteen minutes of tricks. After it was over we walked home. An hour later we went right back to the same place to see the evening fireworks. (It’s a half hour walk each way.)
In that time, things had changed significantly. We thought we would be able to get in as easily as Wednesday evening, but it was a lot busier. Security basically closed off the beach because it was full. We had to stand in a crowd of people behind the wire barriers to see the show.
I don’t think the show was as good as on Wednesday, but the finish was better.
Today I got up early and did a run that I THOUGHT wasn’t going to be too long, but it ended up being 23km. My legs hurt but I wanted to take the opportunity to sneak into the Port of Vancouver and run around some of the streets there. I had been told it is possible to get in on the Sundays when security isn’t as tight. The rumours were true and I got a bunch of new streets.
It is fascinating back there. There are beautiful, uninterrupted views of the North Shore and huge ships being loaded and unloaded.
I continued onto the Trans Canada Trail, which for some reason had a fence closed on it. It wasn’t impossible to hop it, but it was precarious when you can’t trust your aching legs.
Since I was in a new area I did a few more streets than I had expected, which caused the total run to be a bit long.
At noon we were out seeing the Pride Parade. We were there for two hours; there were a lot of people, corporations and organizations marching. The highlight was seeing the Prime Minister there. It was still going on when we left. It had all started to blend together so we decided we had had enough.
Then off to Sunset beach to see the after-parade shows. We grabbed a bunch of free stuff and went home.
We took a much needed nap.