Many years ago, when I first got CostCo membership I noticed I needed salt. (You can probably tell where this is going.) I was not under the impression that salt would have a best before date, so I got the four pack. Each pack is about 1kg.
Actually salt does seem to go off. It doesn’t go bad but it congeals into a large clump.
I have been finding I need salt lately, but not a big clump of it. (I have one and a half boxes left.)
There is only one question that remains: Will it blend?
Why yes, it will. But I don’t know if I want to breath the “cloud” that comes out when I open the lid.


I was feeling really out of it today. I was wondering if I was coming down with something. Eventually I figured it out. I hadn’t taken in enough calories. After the long run yesterday I should have eaten more. It took awhile, but my body just decided not to put up with me anymore.
I hear this is what makes Survivor boring when the contestants run out of food.
I stopped off for groceries on the way home from work. I wanted dried apples, but I could only find dried apricots. I opened up the bag while driving, and apparently polished off 215g of fruit. I think I’m paying the price now.
The irony of this is that I’m concerned I’m getting fat. My mother and sister commented on it the last time I saw them. And because I haven’t been eating consistently with my exercise, my body is being starved. And a starved body will happily take anything and store it as fat.

Bull markets

It has been quite some time since I updated this. It started out with being busy, but it continued that way because of a combination of laziness and not knowing what exciting thing to put down. Since not much is exciting around here, I wasn’t getting help on that front.
I’m still busy. I really need to get my taxes done and I haven’t even opened up a tax program. I’m concentrating mostly on going through all my financial papers and getting them filed. Once I’ve done that, everything left will be relevant to taxes.
I have still been running insane distances. Today I ran two loops of the four I need to do on my ultra at the end of May. I felt better when I did it this time; Better than last week. Unfortunately, conditions went downhill (and not in a good running way) on the second loop. The first loop was fairly dry and had good traction. I did begin to hate horses for all the wrecking of the trails their hooves have done. When I did the second loop, the snow had started to accumulate, and it was sticky. It didn’t happen to the people I was with, but my shoes kept picking up. Every hundred meters I would have to shake my feet to get off the snowball that had stuck there. If I didn’t, it would feel like I was running in high-heel shoes. Not comfortable.
And to think it was twenty on Tuesday.
A few weeks ago, while I was at my parents I ran through a herd of cows. I had discovered a good loop to run, but some cowboys were shepherding their cows down the road to another field. I asked a small girl on a horse if it was okay to run through, and she said it was okay. She was the only figure of authority I had access to, so I had to trust her. The cowboy at the other end of the herd told me I was very lucky. Cows are protective of their calves. In my heart I knew that already, which is why I tried to stay as far from the cows as possible. I did help get a few of them into their new field quicker though.

Father update

I have arrived at my parent’s place. Hopefully this will be a vacation.
My father has been back home from the hospital for about a week now. He is still weak though. He actually looks better than before he got sick. That’s because he lost a lot of weight, and he was somewhat overweight before.
However he needs a new wardrobe. His pants are actually falling down. My sister describes it as a “bad vaudeville act”.

Office space

Last Sunday I saw two friends. Like a lot of my friends, they are former co-workers. One of whom I hadn’t seen for a long time. I noticed one thing; They looked like adults. They are also doing adult things, and generally acting like adults. One is married, the other is moving out of town for a job opportunity.
I don’t feel like an adult.
Honestly, I don’t feel like much of anything.
I have lately found work unfulfilling. I like programing. I can even enjoy tracking down bugs in code if I feel like I’m making progress. But that isn’t happening. I’m stuck in processes. And trying to replicate bugs that aren’t replicating on my machine. (You can’t fix what you can’t see.)
I did an experiment. I worked on my own personal programming project and fixed a bug that had been there for a long time. And I felt good. I accomplished something. This proved to me that I like programming. I just don’t like work. The daily drudge of frustration.
So I’m feeling down.
I did get a perk up when I received an email via my dating service from a girl interested in me.
So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.