Barbecue Prevention

On Sunday I had my annual summer barbecue. I had to pick that day because of construction reasons. My condo building is undergoing a major overhaul that requires balconies to be cleared by a certain day. My balcony was supposed to be cleared on Monday. So after my barbecue party, I dutifully unhooked it and moved it indoors. I planned to take it to my parking stall when I can find someone to help me move it.
The thing is, I have seen no action by the contractors towards my balcony. They aren’t even close.
So, this evening, I moved my barbecue outside again, hooked it up and cooked a nice dinner. I am not planning to immediately move it back inside. If I see any motions towards my balcony, yes I will move it inside again. But until that time, I’m going to enjoy summertime cooking.
And in the worst case scenario where they forcibly remove my barbecue while I’m not looking, I will take as an excuse to get a new one. It is ten years old.

There and back again

On Sunday I ran 50km. I’ve got a route that I have done before, with the goal to try and do 6 minute kilometres for as long as possible. This time I got to 35km before I had to slow down. Maybe I could have kept it up, but I needed to stop for water, and my knee was starting to bother me. So the last 15km was at a much slower pace.
By Monday afternoon, my back was in a lot of pain.
Was it because I pushed myself too hard. Maybe it was because in the evening I had to move my barbecue indoors by myself. Could I have knocked my spine out of alignment?
It wasn’t until today that I think I figured it out.
My run was almost entirely on pavement. And I was wearing some shoes that I hadn’t used on a really long distance before. They have a fairly minimal sole. I’m guessing the lack of padding was causing stress I didn’t normally have.
Well, my back is getting better. So we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.
Tomorrow, where I have been thinking of doing a run in foot gloves.

I really don’t learn my lessons, do I?

Apple tech support

I’m visiting my parents this weekend. They are out in the country, so there isn’t as much entertainment. So, on a lark I brought down my AppleTV with the plan of having a movie selection from my laptop available. Unfortunately, I forgot the remote. i.e. The only thing that allows you to control the device; there are no other buttons.
As soon as I plugged it into the TV, it complained that it didn’t know which network to go to. I had no way to select anything. My iPhone can control it, but only if it is on the same network. And the AppleTV wasn’t connected to any network.
My first thought was, oh well, too bad. Then the internet came to my help. I temporarily plugged it directly into my parent’s network (not through wifi) which technically put it on the same network as my iPhone. Then, using the Remote app I was able to have it learn how to recognize a spare television remote. Once I had that done, I had a remote that worked. I could put it back to the television and use the remote to have it recognize the network.
And everything works.
I feel like I have accomplished something today.