Life Events

On November 16th, I turn 40. Let’s count down the 10 life events that affected me the most.
1/10 – 2009 – 2010: Fell in love for the first time. It was a wondrous feeling to have someone who liked me. Maybe it wasn’t real, and it probably wasn’t because the relationship didn’t last. But for a short time, I was very happy.
2/10 – August 2008: I ran the Canadian Death Race. This was my first ultramarathon, and I’ve been abusing them ever since. They force me to travel off the beaten path to do them. I’ve run hither and yon, over distances and terrain undreamt of by mortal man. Running has introduced me to new friends and kept me in good shape. (See also February 2003 for my first half-marathon and June 2004 for my first marathon.)
3/10 – December 2006: I attended my first “Friday Feast”. This weekly event has greatly increased the number of people I know. I have met good and true friends here that I greatly value. My circles have increased.
4/10 – November 2004: I went to Jamaica and met a new circle of friends from all over the world; friends that let me explore a new side of myself, never judged me, supported me, and helped me improve as a person.
5/10 – May 2003: I became a property owner. I came into some money and put a down payment on a condo. I’ve been living here ever since.
6/10 – November 1995: I left home and moved to Edmonton. I was now responsible for keeping myself alive. This city has been good to me; I’ve made lots of friends, and it is a beautiful place for running. But I always wonder if it has been a good place for my career.
7/10 – Sometime between 1991 and 1994 – Discovered the book Fractals and Chaos in the University bookstore. This contained my first introduction to using fractals to generate random landscape. For the next two decades I would continue to play around with that algorithm in my personal programming project; thus preventing me from creating other, more useful apps. I still like maps though.
8/10 – 1985 and 1987 – Le Morte d’Arthur and the death of my Grandfather. Arthur was the first dog I was ever close to and my first experience with death. My maternal grandfather was a great man that I wish I had known better; a man without fear and always doing something. I’ve tried to live my life like his.
9/10 – 1984 – The family got its first computer, and Apple //e. I had an earlier introduction to computers than a lot of people, and I’ve been coasting on that ever since.
10/10 – November 1973 – I was born. I believe this had a significant effect on my life.

The Power of No

With this vacation, I felt more welcome than I have at previous ones. My friends were more accepting and understanding of me this time. I felt more comfortable. And they were able to teach me lessons.
The lesson that I most need to learn is the ability to say “No”.
I was a big fan of the movie Yes, Man. I liked its philosophy of always saying “Yes”. I ignored the part of the film where the hero only truly became complete when he gave himself permission to say “No” at times.
But it is an important part. I should not be a doormat to other people. I am allowed to think. If I am doing something that I would rather not be doing, people can sense that. It is not an attractive quality.
It’s time to be an adult.


A friend here decided to renew his wedding vows. Technically it was a hand fasting ceremony, which I’m not entirely familiar with, but it is the pagan equivalent of a wedding.
I was deeply touched when he asked me to be his best man. I wasn’t his first choice, but it was still a great honour. (His first choice bowed out due to religious reasons.)
I didn’t get a lot of warning about this, but I tried to do my best. I organized a five second bachelor party for him. I’ve now got the incriminating pictures that I plan to show at the reception.
It was very nice to see these two people so much in love. I was present for their initial wedding, and they still deeply love each other.
2013-11-02 4:03