A feather in my cap, a line in my resume

After hard work, I now have an app in the Apple app store. I’m very proud of this. It was a team effort, but I was the one making the actual code that went into the store; everyone else was in the back end and the web pages being displayed. (Which is probably the more important part.) It was actually approved in less than a day, but that is probably because it is of no interest outside of our existing customers. If it was something everyone was using, like a game, they would have looked at it harder. That, and the approver probably had a long weekend they wanted to get to.
We had planned to try and get everything done by June 1st, but no plan survives contact with the enemy. Still, we just got it into the store under the wire for the same month as planned.
It was a nice way to finish my last day at work.
I have not been looking for a new job very hard. I’ve updated my resume, but I feel a little burned out now. I gave a good chunk of my life to the company; I guess I feel like a spurned spouse. So I’m going to probably spend a lot of July “finding myself”. This will involve self-development. Now that I have someone in the same living place as me, I’m hoping it will help me concentrate on doing work. Last time I was unemployed, with no one able to comment on my actions, I wasn’t as accountable.
But I have an app in the app store, and no one can take that away.

Two weeks

Last Friday I got my two weeks notice. I’ve been laid off.
I’ve been stressed for the last few weeks, thinking I had been doing a bad job at work. This was because my boss was under a lot of pressure, assumed someone else’s mistake was mine, and took his frustration out on me. He apologized later, but the damage was done, and my confidence in my job has been shot. So this lay off was not entirely unexpected.
However, it was not for anything I’ve done. The company’s finances haven’t been that good lately and they have to let people go. Several other people are going too. But they are trying not to be mean, and want us to keep working for the last two weeks; as opposed to kicking us out and forcing us to use our vacation time. They’ve given me a very good reference letter, and said that if things picked up, they would hire me back.
I long ago decided that there is no point to getting angry or vindictive at employers. Don’t burn bridges.
Today was exhausting though. I am doing some training of a junior employee on the code I’ve worked on. I am trying to be in a positive mood, but it is a bit of a lie. If I can keep myself distracted, it isn’t too bad. But I constantly question myself and try to determine if I am working on something important. If I get stuck on something, can I waste someone else’s time to try and get out of it? Tired.
Part of me is looking forward to being laid off. I can finally catch up on some personal programming projects that have been left behind. But every so often I think about some of the stuff I want to do, and I have to realize that money isn’t always going to be there now.
My life has changed and I need to accept that.