Aging badly

Something rather worrying has come up.
I like action movies, and science-fiction movies. I also like comedies occasionaly. Those are the movies I would most likely see if left completely to my own devices. (And that includes being free of those neurotic tics I’m full of.)
I do find it difficult to watch a movie on my own though. With other people around I have better peer pressure to keep watching. But if there is something happening in the movies that is upsetting, I start watching the clock for it to end. This usually comes up as characters being unbelievably stupid. Or the suspension of disbelief getting too hard to maintain.
Today I started watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It is a long movie, so I only planned to watch half of it. But the darn thing was interesting and I wasn’t having any problem continuing to watch it. It’s a drama! I’m not supposed to like that. I’m supposed to like things with helicopters (or giant eagles) and explosions.
Getting old sucks.

My thoughts on the Olympics

It is hardly surprising that I am not watching the Olympics. I like to see the results, but I can’t be bothered to actually watch the events. I’m wondering which I want more, Canada to win everything, or just be better than the US. Petty, I know.
But what I am really thinking about is curling. For me, curling is the ultimate winter Olympic sport. To be good in this sport, to even have a hope of contending, you must be a winter nation. Every other sport looks cool and exciting; non-winter nations want to be part of it and will field a hockey team or pretend they know how to bobsled (I’m looking at you Jamaica!) But curling isn’t cool. You have to really understand winter to play it. You can’t fake it. It is a “sport” that need special facilities to play, and you have to be really focussed to want to build one of those.
All the other countries are just winter posers.