Toe the Line

I went to the hospital early today. I chose the Grey Nuns because the website said they only had a half hour wait. The triage nurse had no idea where they got that number from.
After an hour of waiting, the doctor pretty much told me to keep doing what I was doing. She seemed perfectly happy with the bandage that I had put on. The only new advice was that I shouldn’t be barefoot for the next while, so that my toe has a steady surface to heal on. I think that the fact it will help protect the toe from banging against other things is a happy coincidence.

Wounded Toe

On Saturday, while cleaning up, I stubbed my toe against a suitcase. It hurt enough that I remorsefully skipped running the next day. And from the lurid colours, I’m assuming I broke it. Last time, I was able to run again after a month.
After work today I went to the walk-in clinic to get a professional opinion. He sent me to get an X-ray. I decided to get it over with and went immediately to one on the south side of town. I was lucky and there wasn’t too much of a wait. However, the person I saw for the X-ray recommended I go see the doctor again. Immediately.
So, back to the doctor. He looked at my CD of the X-ray and he said I should go to the hospital.
That is not usually a good sign.
I drove to the University Hospital. There, the triage nurse told me it would be a five hour wait…
I hadn’t had dinner yet. I did not feel like staying there until midnight. The nurse claimed the best time to be there was eight in the morning. That wouldn’t be too different from the sitting/waiting time. So, I’ll get up early and go there tomorrow. There is even a convenient website giving wait times.
No one has given me any reason to be panicked or concerned. But I don’t know if that is usual in the medical profession. For all I know, I’m in serious danger. But no one has communicated that to me.
I don’t have high hopes for getting back to running anytime soon.