Churning out the sausage

I’ve learned that writing a column can be like working at a sausage factory–-use filler if you have to, just for God’s sake keep cranking that grinder. The upside is that sometimes the sausage comes tasting pretty good, even if you’ve run out of pork and had to use horse lips.

-Paul Mather 100 Years of Subatomic Humor

I think this is the longest I’ve ever taken between blog postings. That is not an accomplishment. If I don’t post today, then I would have my first month without any postings since I started it.
I used to treat this like a diary and gave updates as to everything in my life. Maybe I need to get back to that? Facebook has been a crutch. I can put a short mind-thought down and then feel I have communicated with my friends. But, in all honesty, my Facebook feed is read by more people than read this journal.
Still, I used to prize myself as being a writer. I wrote my own novel back in junior high. A novel, I hope never sees the light of day. I should do the bare minimum to keep up the long form prose. Even if I am exhausted by day-to-day life.
Current event: I do the Sinister 7 this weekend. To celebrate this fact, my watch batteries decided to die two weeks ago. Due to Timex having embraced planned-obsolescence, I have to send my watch all the way to Markham, Ontario to get them repaired. I did that immediately. I still haven’t gotten them back. Yes, plural there. I sent my last two watches in with the hope that they can get fixed. At this point I don’t think I’ll get them back.
Until then I am using, what I call my Soviet-era watch (because it looks like it was made in Russia in the 80s.) It’s made by a company called Timeco. I’ve never heard of them. But I got this watch five years ago for around ten dollars and has never caused my battery or water resistance problems. It’s also huge.
Looks like it will be going on a 160km excursion with me.