I think I like my job. At least I do in comparison to my last one.
My previous employment wasn’t satisfying me. For the last year, I was working on a monolithic piece of software in a language I didn’t especially care for, Java. It was very big, and I never got a sense of what was going on in it. I was only fixing bugs, and they were so spread out that there was never any one piece that I got a sense of understanding. I never felt ownership.
Compare and contrast with my new job. I am still working on software that is very big, but I get to work in one area. It was written for a different company, and I don’t feel they were software developers at heart. But today, I felt ownership of their code. I did some research and some settings suddenly started making sense, and it just clicked. I felt a sense of accomplishment and that was sorely missed in the past.

It’s cold out

FYI, I survived my winter running plan. Although the -24 windchill was biting at first (and I seriously thought I was under-dressed) I was fine after doing the Hotel MacDonald’s staircase four times. That is a set of 202 steps.
Let’s see what condition my legs are in over the weekend.

Health and Wellness

My new job has free snacks. My old job had snacks, but those were the ones I brought in myself. Now I have a wide variety to choose from, at no cost. So, hopefully this is only temporary, but I’ve been eating a lot more. I could say I’m bulking up for winter, but I don’t want to be bulky.
Previously this wouldn’t be a worry for me, because I would be training for ultramarathons. But my friends aren’t planning on doing any next year (or so they say) so the distances we run aren’t nearly as much. Heck, we only did 14 km last week. Short enough not to need a water bottle.
This is the perfect storm for me getting fat.
So, after I finish posting this entry, I will go out and do a run; stair training I think. If I write it down to all my friends, I’m far more likely to do it. Because, let’s be honest, it is hard to motivate yourself to go running at this time. During the day, I look out and I see snow, but the sun makes me feel like I can still go running. But when the sun sets, it looks much less inviting.
I’ve been using the fitness room in my building to try and get some upper body muscles. But that isn’t going as well as planned either. I have an old torn rotator cuff injury. I think it is starting to flare up. I’m going to give the upper body a rest for a week and see how it goes. Otherwise I’ll have to go back into physical therapy. And my new job doesn’t cover that.
Let’s hope bouncing up and down stairs doesn’t aggravate it either.