Eating faster

On Tuesday I went to see a sports nutritionist. I had previously seen a naturopath who helped me eat better. This time it was to help me be a better runner. I’m unsure how I felt about this visit.
When I made the appointment, they said they would send me forms for me to fill out. After waiting weeks with nothing, the day before the appointment I asked about them. They were sent and I found out that they included food diaries; I was supposed to be keeping track of what I ate over an entire week. Well, that wasn’t going to happen on one day’s notice. I did my best, but it wasn’t a true representation of my dining habits.
When I saw the naturopath a year ago, I was immediately given feedback of what changes I should do. This sports nutritionist was somewhat more evasive. She did go over my forms and determined that I needed to eat more protein. That’s about it. The rest was general education I could probably have gotten from a website. I got the feeling the entire meeting was an advertisement for a rather expensive “Sport Performance Coaching”. The promises that I would not bonk during an ultra is very intriguing though.
We did discuss sleep habits, and strategies for sleeping better. Of course that meant I had a terrible night’s sleep that night. Don’t overthink your sleep.