My Life is Changing

As I have previously mentioned, I have been unemployed. I have been looking for jobs, and it hasn’t been going the best. I had a great company in Edmonton that I was really hyped about, but they did not accept me. That has left me depressed, but I persevered and kept looking.
Today I got offered a job for quite a bit more than I was making. Unfortunately it is not in Edmonton. It is in the most expensive city in Canada; but also the city every Canadian wants to live in. Vancouver.
There is very little question. I should take this job.
But it is scary. I have been in Edmonton for just over twenty years. I have lived in Winnipeg longer (barely), but I was not physically aware for a good chunk of that time. So Edmonton feels more like a home than any other place. The move from Winnipeg to here was scary then, so I know what to expect.
The fear is all the things I am leaving behind. I became an adult here. I have friends I have fought tooth and claw to earn. I know where things are. I know how to run the trails here. Now, I will probably be leaving it all behind.
Where will I get my hair cut now? Where is the best place to buy spices? How am I going to find a place to live? What is going to happen to my current condo? Will I be able to throw an American Thanksgiving dinner?
My life is going to change. A lot.

People in Vancouver do not know how to run in mountains. They don’t have to deal with altitude, and they don’t get good practice going downhill when they have a cablecar to take them back down.