Avenue Q

Yesterday, I saw Avenue Q. I have thoughts on the play.
I enjoyed it, but I think it was overrated.
Now, bear in mind that I am not the best with musicals. If the music isn’t recognizable, or doesn’t move along the plot, or isn’t funny, then I feel like a commercial break has been inserted into my theatre experience. In Avenue Q, there was only one song, The Internet is for Porn, that I could hum the tune to. Every other song was fairly forgettable to me. They did drive the plot a bit, and they were amusing, but they weren’t great songs for my taste.
I think the show was too dependant on the spectacle of puppets. I will grant you, the puppet on puppet action was funny. But the plot was not filled with any surprises. It was predictable. If there hadn’t been puppets playing most of the characters, it wouldn’t be the success it is. It would practically be an after-school special. An after-school special on an edgy channel, but still just an after-school special.
I would give it 6/10.

Mission Accomplished (and the irony therein)

I have a private goal in my running. It is to run more in a week than I do with all other transportation combined. That was a lot harder to do in Edmonton, mostly because I’ve always worked at a distance from home such that driving was required. But now in Vancouver, I can, and do, walk to work. For all I know I had accomplished my goal already, but two weeks ago I definitely did it.
Let’s be honest, in the month of November, I’ve only driven my car once, on November 15th to go grocery shopping. A Tuesday. But I can’t count the first two weeks for technical reasons; In the first week I was in a plane that flew to Edmonton. In the second week, I was also in a plane, but this one flew to Vancouver. Airplanes counts as transportation. If I was more rules lawyering, I could argue about when the week starts and end. But in my head, it is Sunday to Saturday, so that’s what we will go with.
So I’ve got the week of November 13th to the 19th, because I ran far enough, on both the Sunday before and after, to blow away the distance I drove. Although I will only count the first.
And now I have the 20th to the 26th as well, because I didn’t drive at all that week, but I still ran.
Can I do it this coming week? That is where things get sticky.
I do not foresee any reason to drive this week. The biggest reason to drive is to get out of downtown and go where the groceries are cheaper. But when you factor in the time and gas, am I really saving that much money? Sure, a car will let me carry a lot of groceries. But it is hard to argue with the grocery store in the same building you live! (Technically I suppose it isn’t in the same building, but it is part of the same foundation as the building complex.) The price isn’t THAT much more. And the Costco in downtown is within walking distance, especially since I got the two wheeled cart that lets me carry a lot.
But that is all competing against the fact that my left knee has been hurting more and more. Once I get going in a run, it isn’t too bad. But any initial use hurts. On Wednesday I did a very fast 10km. I had to do it fast or I would have been left behind in the dark without a headlamp. The hurt is now more noticeable.
I actually think I injured it in my last run in Edmonton before I left for Vancouver, two and a half months ago. I had to twist out of the way of a caterpillar hanging in front of me. It was just a little bit, but my knee felt it. Then all the moving aggravated it. I really haven’t given it a chance to heal. Now I should.
I tried to go to work today to use the exercycle at the gym, but apparently I hadn’t filled out the waiver so I couldn’t. I did walk, in the pouring rain, to a restaurant to see a friend.
I’m tempted to go for a short run still, just so that I can have my record that shows me running a bit. And as long as I don’t drive, I’m still winning.

Edmonton Weekend

Last weekend I had a whirlwind trip to Edmonton. The official reason was to clean up my condo so that it can be rented out. I am thankful that my mother and sister came up from Calgary to help. We even had a professional maid service come in and we rented a steam rug cleaner. We attacked that place.
The biggest surprise was the refrigerator. When I had left, I had turned the temperature down as much as possible and closed it. I figured it would have enough cool to keep from smelling. I was wrong. I don’t think it did any cooling whatsoever. Upon being opened we were hit with a pungent wave of vinegar. There was fuzzy stuff growing all over.
My sister tackled that and got it cleaned up. We have now learned to unplug it (actually just turn off the fuse) and leave it slightly open.
Now the place is looking clean enough to rent out. I still have to figure out a rental management company. I’m thinking trying to rent it personally from a different province will not be possible, even if I have locals to help me.
The unofficial reason to go back was to see friends. So I attended a Friday Feast. There was a board games party. I joined my previous run club for a Sunday morning constitutional. I saw a movie (Doctor Strange) with another friend. And I saw my family a lot.
It was a pleasant trip, but I am still recovering from it. I need this long weekend.