Pre-Death Race

I’m in Grande Cache now. Tomorrow I run the Death Race once again. Today was great running weather, with it being fairly cool with cloudy periods. There were a few droplets of rain, but nothing serious. Tomorrow though, I hope the weather is the same. I’m not sure how I’ll feel about rain. Depends how hot it is.
Technically it is only going to be two degrees cooler than last year; last year was way too hot.
The hotel had told us that there would have A/C installed by this year. That was a lie. Apparently Toronto took them all because they had a heat wave there. This is why no one likes Toronto.

Corporate whore

I’ve finished up my program to the point where I’m not embarrassed by it. There are still many improvements, but I’ve applied the paint and screen doors so that it is usable. Since I have a good foundation, adding more features should be easy to do. Easier.
I realize I will never make any money off of this. Well, certainly not enough to make it worth my time. But it has been a good learning experience and I’ve enjoyed the act of creation. There is still a way that I could make money off of it. I read, long ago, that you can make money off of free programs if you place ads on the website where people can download it. That actually sounds reasonable. And until I get it to the point where I could feel it is worth charging money for, that will work.
So I went to Google and tried to figure out their system. They want to make money off of me, so I assume it wouldn’t be too hard. I applied, gave them my website, and waited. I didn’t wait long; the next day I got denied: Under construction.
I couldn’t argue with that; I wanted to get the ads before I made the website so that I could incorporate them nicely. Apparently that is backwards. At the time, I only had one page that admitted it was under construction. So I spent a day creating the website, giving it content. It was totally different. I applied again.
Denied: Under construction.
By now I’m figuring that the problem is that they are only looking at what is in their cache. If you searched for my website, and then looked at the cached version, it would only show the old page. I’ve waited a week, and now I can see their cache has some of the new pages. To even help the process along, I added more information and even documented my program.
Hopefully, I will have “Sold out to the Man” soon.