Pandemic month 2

I have been continuing to self isolate at home. My wife is still trapped in America. As much as I want her back here, it is probably better that she stays there: She is living in a big house with plenty of room and a mother who is feeding her very well; in Vancouver we have a small apartment. This place is adequate for one person working from home, or two people IF one of them is going to work each day. Also she does not feel safe flying these days. I do not blame her.
In the intervening time I have grown scruffier. I have not shaved since March 12th, and it shows. I was supposed to have a haircut on April 3rd, but that got cancelled. So it looks like I will be getting long hair. Catalina has been getting long hair, and it is making her look fantastic.
I have at least been good about getting out every day. I have to run to keep up my streak so that gives an excuse to leave the apartment. If I need groceries, I’ve often been ending the run at Costco to grab essentials. Unfortunately, I can’t bring my rolling cart on those trips, so I have to carry everything home. You become a lot more discerning about your purchases when weight becomes a factor. It does not help that I’ve been drinking more chocolate milk; it’s a good recovery drink and it makes a nice hot chocolate. It is also heavy.
A benefit of the pandemic is that golf courses have closed down. I wish I had realized sooner though. With the courses closed, I can run on them. That means there are a bunch of new trails that I’ve never had the chance to run before. I’ve already made trips out to two of them. I had a plan to alternate them; one Sunday I would work on running every street of Vancouver, the next Sunday I would explore a golf course.
Unfortunately, I’ve heard that two of the city courses are opening up on May 1st. That is before the next Sunday. I’ve run one, but the other I have not. So my window of opportunity is closing fast. Ergo, I must do my weekly long run tomorrow evening to get out to this un-run golf course.
Next month I start another challenge: virtual run across Tennessee. It is 1000km, and I have four months to do it. If I can keep my regular pace, I will finish within two months and a bit. Which will probably prevent me from being able to do the and-back-again challenge intrinsic in it.