I’m Becoming Out of Tune With Reality

There was a book I got a few years ago for fairly cheap, Fleet of Worlds. I enjoyed it. While going through a purge of my household, I found my copy again and thought that i would like to read the other three books in the series. My natural inclination would be to go buy it on Amazon. But I’m purging, I want less stuff at home, not more.
Then I made a brilliant leap of logic. eBooks! Sure enough, I can buy the other three books on iTunes. However, they aren’t that much cheaper than paperback copies there. They might be cheaper at another store. I’ll have to look into it. But this would be a way for me to read the books and then not have to deal with clutter.
And not once during this time did it occur to me that I could just go to the library, become a member and read these books and more for a significantly smaller amount of money.

Once more unto the breach

I once again tried speed dating tonight. I haven’t been for a year, so I’m a little rusty. Or not as traumatized. There was a reason I hadn’t been for awhile?
The reason I decided to go was that it was located on Whyte avenue. Finally one I can walk to. And because I’m not driving, I can take some liquid courage beforehand. I know many people would disapprove of that, but I think it did help to take the edge off the evening. I did relax more. And it is a situation where I want to be more myself, and not tense.
However, I have never had any luck at any of these, and I don’t see why this will be any different this time.
Hope springs eternal.

My nemesis

As the season turns, I enjoy noticing the effect of the earth’s rotation. Each day I can see that there is a bit more daylight. There was a time when I left work and it was still dark out. Now, I can leave fairly late and there is still a chance of light. I feel like I’m earning my summer.
Which is why I am so annoyed with Daylight Saving Time. Suddenly, all the hard work is gone. It is back to dark when I go to work, and it will be light past the point where I would notice it.

2.2km away from a marathon

I’ve been so tired lately. Everything seems to be happening at once and I’m falling behind in the tasks that I want to do. This weekend pretty much evaporated on me.
But I did go for a run. I finally broke the 40km barrier today. Although I’m not proud of it. I ran 1.75km to the Running Room. Then did a nice 25km run from there. Once back, I still had 13.25km to go, and I figured out a route home that, surprisingly, was exactly that. However, there were some cupcakes at the Running Room and I took one.
I’m not sure if that was a mistake. Lately, I’ve taken to skipping breakfast before the long Sunday run. I read an article that it is a good way to lose weight, and I think I need to do that. (Because 40km of running will not do that?) In any case, the 13.25km run home was very unpleasant. It started out with a weight in my stomach bouncing up and down. This caused a bad stitch in my side. Then I just started running out of energy. Probably because I hadn’t eaten enough. Irony?
Let’s just say there was a lot of walking in that final part of the run.
But according to Steph, when I run, I’m doing God’s work. So I’ve got that going for me.
I did make one discovery when I got home. Adding salt to chocolate milk makes it taste really good!