Running Record

Today I did a 27km run in total. In and of itself it isn’t that impressive. I’ve clearly run much further than that. Heck, I did it longer and faster last week. But it made my total distance run this month 488.1km. That is the most I’ve ever run in a single month. Now, to be fair, a month is an arbitrary construct of humans, but it is the arbitrary construct that I am using.
My previous record was about 466km, which I did last month. This month was a day shorter, but it had the benefit of having five Sundays, and that is the day I do my longest run.
There is no way I will be able to make a new record next month. This month felt a little rough for me. Although part of me was tempted to add an extra 12km today just to get to 500km. That will be a challenge for another time.
I’m worried my body is falling apart with all this running. My joints feel fine, and the plantar fasciitis is becoming better slowly. But I am noticing my performance in other areas beginning to falter. Or that just might be part of getting old.

Richmond Night Market

Last week we went the Richmond Night Market. We had been hearing good things about it, and we wanted to try it. It’s basically a bunch of stalls setup in an area of Richmond. You pay to get in. Now you can buy trinkets, but most people don’t go there for that; they go for the food.
There are a large number of food stalls there, and it is packed with people. There was a huge line to get in, but we were lucky to find a way around that: if you buy the six-person pass, you go to a much shorter line; we allied with a family of four and bought one to get in.
The food was pretty expansive. I started with some pastries and dim sum so I wasn’t too hungry. Catalina went for all the food I couldn’t eat: shellfish. She started with scallop balls, then an oyster. She was eyeing the snow crab, but that would have cost a small fortune. She instead got some squids.
The food was mostly good, but it was overpriced. All things considered, we spent nearly $100 there. Most dishes were around $10. And you would need to eat a lot to feel full. The lamb skewers were good. The rotato (a potato tornado) was a spice delivery mechanism. We had been recommended the “Stinky tofu” but we did not care for it. My friend said it was a delicacy in China, but I suppose it is an acquired taste.