Today is a bit of an anniversary. It was nine months ago that I first moved to Vancouver. It is hard to believe that I’ve been here that long.
My job has been getting better. There was a steep learning curve when I first arrived, but I’ve been getting more proficient with the language, the product and the architecture. I actually feel productive on most days. My development is also a lot more old school. In previous jobs we had a lot of tools to help make programming easier; the computer could give lots of hints to help you along the way. Now I’m developing without any of those tools. And learning a lot more Unix command line.
My running has certainly not improved. Since I arrived my left knee has been bothering me. I didn’t see a doctor about it because it took me a long time to get BC health to acknowledge me. I’m now seeing a physical therapist and doing some exercises. I’m running more often, because the therapist recommends it; running only twice a week meant my body got shocked when I did run. I’ve added two 5km runs to my weekly schedule. I’m also doing more barefoot/Vibram running now, because it forces me to do a more forefoot strike, which will be easier on my knee. I would like to try and do the Grouse Grind again. (Nature’s stair master.)
I’m continuing to enjoy downtown living. I would like to own some real-estate here so I can get on the property bubble, but I’m learning that the landed gentry does not like newcomers. Also, no one owns downtown; they all have to rent. Too expensive. Generally, if you want to make conversation with anyone in Vancouver, talk about real estate prices. It’s the same as other provinces talking about the weather.
Because I live downtown, I have barely used my car. I have taken it for servicing more often than I’ve filled it up with gas. Mainly because I haven’t needed to fill it up yet. And I needed to get an out-of-province inspection to use it here. It is in for servicing right now because I’m planning to take a road trip to visit family next week, so I thought I better make sure it still runs.
The big thing I miss is my social support network. I only have a few friends, and they are all ones that previously lived in Edmonton. I have co-workers that I have lunch with, but that is about it. I have a run group, but not really anyone I see often. Due to how this city is setup, my friends all live far away, so I don’t see them that often. I miss having a social gathering twice a week; friday feast and movie night.
I need to do more to connect with the friends I left in Edmonton.