Unemployed Day One

Today is my first day without work.
Today I worked.
I had a project I’ve been wanting to get at. I recently tried to improve my knowledge of SQL. When I went to Pluralsight for training, I found their courses… wanting. They were fine courses, but they were at the wrong level; improvements to the server itself. Most of them could be summarized with “Turn on statistics and refresh often.” Their simple examples were fine for showing how the server does its thing. None were very good at giving tips on writing a better SQL in the first place.
I’ve written SQL that is hundreds of lines long. (That is a lot.) I’ve done optimizations which changed the run time of a report from minutes down to seconds. (That is also a lot.) I felt better qualified to write a course than what I found.
Which means I had to.
Today I finished it and put it up on my website.
It is dry. It is technical. But it is mine. And it will be useful for me to consult at whatever job I end up at.

Of course, I forgot to put my name on it. Then again, I haven’t put my name on anything on my website. That will be a project for tomorrow.

My empire grows

I gave fair warning to some friends that I would register their baby’s name as a website. I gave them 24 hours notice. I told them I was not joking. Domain names are cheap. They are priced to own. I didn’t really want it, but a threat will usually get people to get their act together.

Now what the hell do I do with borgtron.com?

In other news, I apparently still own rottentrailers.com. I really should do something with that. At the very least, stop parking it and point it to my own website. I originally planned to make a variation on www.rottentomatoes.com but on trailers. How much does this trailer spoil its movie?
I had another idea where I rate a movie, based off of how its trailer portrays it. For instance, Lost in Translation is a terrible comedy. But Transformers is an excellent giant-robots-beating-each-other-up movie.

Cleaning up after myself

Continuing on with being a creator, one of my first acts involved destruction.
A year ago, I started a second blog. The new one was devoted to my programming projects. After two entries, I never updated it. This seems like a waste.
Part of the reason to start the second one was to experiment with running my own blog. Since I have moved my main one from LiveJournal to hosting my own WordPress, that reason has fallen away. I can also use categories to mark posts that are programming related. I could even mark all posts that are not-programming. This way, readers (that would be you guys) could choose whether they wanted to hear about programming or not.
I’m still experimenting with that, so give me time.
In any case, I will shortly pull down the other blog. I’ve already transferred the two posts to this one and marked them appropriately.