I have an America friend visiting for two weeks, so I decided to take her out to Jasper today. Well, technically yesterday, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

It was the first time in a decade that, when traveling west, I did not turn to go north to Grande Cache. I had forgotten how pretty this area is. I should avoid the Death Race more often. I made a policy of stopping for any reason. So any beautiful view was examined with a camera. When we passed Talbot lake, I forced us out and we went wading. Cold water, but I’ve been needing to ice my ankle, so it is all good.

When we got to Jasper Park Lodge, our room wasn’t ready, so we went and hiked Malign Canyon. That was a gorgeous walk. It was also interesting how the temperature changes depending on your proximity to the water. It was supposedly a high of +34 today, but when you are close to the water it feels very cool. We even did some soaking of our feet in the cold water. Beats trying to find ice to apply to your ankle.

We started at fifth bridge, hiked very slowly up to first bridge, the took the higher route back. After a stopoff at the car for more water and soaking we hiked down to sixth bridge and back. Then more soaking of feet. By the time we got back to the hotel it was eight in the evening. It had been suggested by a friend to order room service, but we both agreed that the prices were astronomical, and the room isn’t THAT great.

We drove into town and had a great dinner at Ded Dog Diner. The big game burger was delicious, but that might have been the hike talking.

We then wandered around town. It was midnight before we got back to the hotel. But on the drive back, we stopped off at a bridge to look at the moon. There was no man made light around, but we could still see each other fairly well.

Now we should go to sleep. We have glaciers to see tomorrow.