It’s Warm Here

Well, it isn’t hot, but it is nice. I can wear shorts and not feel uncomfortable. I decided to celebrate this happy occasion and go use the hotel pool. The outdoor pool.
I discovered some friends there who were lounging in the hot tub. For good reason. The regular pool was about as cold as a Canadian lake. That would be pretty good if it was hot out, but it is only warm. One lap later and I joined my friend in the hot tub.
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon finding my friends and catching up.
2014-3-13 18:58

To Texas

Okay, I’ve arrived in Houston for my wild weekend of “debauchery”. There were no problems getting here. Although I was tempted in Edmonton to go running across the tarmac at six in the morning. But that is what happens when you have to walk to the airplane from the terminal.
I’m already cataloging the things I’ve forgotten. I had the space for them. My luggage is fairly light, but if I had known how much luggage costs, I would have been more efficient. I’m used to domestic or Caribbean flights. When you go to the U.S. You have to pay for every piece of luggage. The weird thing is that the ticket lady for Air Canada seemed to imply that it was a competitive advantage that they make you pay for luggage like the Americans.
I’ve already said hello to a few people I know. My room isn’t ready yet, so I have a bit of time to waste in the lobby. But I should be good to go soon.
2014-3-13 14:19

Lent plan

Lent snuck up on me.
Lent is not a religious requirement for me in any way. However, I like the cultural idea of a set time for improving oneself.
The past few of Lents, I have given up a specific luxury. However, I decided to give that luxury up permanently when I turned forty. Does this mean I have a pass for Lent? Or do I have to find something new to give up?
I’m an atheist; I have no background in this.
But really, I should do something. It’s traditional. And I’m nothing if not a slave to meaningless rituals.
The simplest goal would be to be a better person. (Would that mean for Lent I am giving up being a bad person?) But if it isn’t quantifiable, then that is a meaningless objective. But, last March I was in a competition with my sister that has given me a good baseline to aim for.
Each day I have to do one of three tasks.

  1. Make an effort towards finding a girlfriend. This will most likely entail using eHarmony.
  2. Do a minimum of half an hour of programming on my own personal projects. This is self improvement.
  3. Go for a run. Not really a challenge, but on days that I do run, I have no energy to do any other task.

This is basically a repeat of my sister’s challenge. But we have to start somewhere.
My biggest worry is that I am taking a weekend trip to Houston in nine days. I don’t know how I will fit those tasks in while I’m on vacation.