Sebaceous Cyst

For about ten years, I have had a growth on my back; a bump that has slowly been growing. Doctors had identified it as a sebaceous cyst, relatively harmless. It wasn’t infected or malignant. Today I finally had an operation to remove it.
This was a disappointment to a number of friends that I vacation with. Many of them had interests in the medical field and wanted the opportunity to do the operation themselves. I deferred to a friend who was a EMT; if they could convince him to do it, then they could go ahead. Despite the fun of doing medical procedures on a beach in the Dominican (probably using rum as an anesthetic) he decided it would not be a good idea. He remained unmoved by the argument that there is free health care in Canada and that if anything went wrong I would be fine.
I had, unfortunately, gone onto YouTube yesterday to see what would be involved. This was also a bad idea. There was a lot of splurting and home/bathroom examples. It did colour what I thought would happen.
Instead I was treated to a very simple procedure. Nothing exciting happen. It was not like a pimple.
That said, I didn’t see it. As mentioned before, it was on my back. I was allowed to hold up a camera, so I MAY have a film of what was going on. But in the end, all I saw was a fatty thing the size of a marble that had been removed from me.