Injured Again

A week ago, on Wednesday, I went for a run in Vibram FiveFingers. I’ve done it before without too much trouble. This time I may have done a small sprint during it, but nothing major. At the end, my left heel hurt a bit. I figured it would go away after awhile.
It didn’t.
Over the next few days, the pain continued. By Monday it was getting worse, with my friendly proactive bodyguard insisting I see a doctor. I did that today.
Her diagnosis was that I hadn’t broken a bone. (Yay!) More likely I had inflammation of the fat pad surrounding my calcaneus bone . (Boo!) Which only means I am off running for a couple of weeks. Ice and anti-inflammatories should hopefully help.
Hopefully I can use this extra time to be productive. No promises. I’ve already over scheduled myself this weekend to volunteer at an ultra.

My opinion on the election tomorrow

During the last provincial election for Alberta, the Conservatives got in by playing on fear. Fear of the Wildrose. And let’s be honest, the Wildrose were scary. They had run a terrible campaign where their fringe elements were practically celebrating as an example of how open they were to new ideas.
This time, the NDP have surged ahead in the polls. Now the Conservatives are playing the fear card again. But I (hoping) don’t think it will work.
The fear last time was for everyday people being ruled by crazy nuts. The fear this time is more from corporations that their cozy relationship with the government will be gone.
Corporations don’t get as many votes as citizens.